1. the story so far

    This is a whole hog’s nest of spoiler, so quick navigate away if you don’t want that. Instead, go to the beginning, most early page, scroll all the way down, then up again.

    A young person was born to a fish who died. She was adopted by a mad king but ran away after her teacher, a dragon, was gratuitously slain. Mocked by an Ostrich for her puny grief, she went on a hillwalk and found her twin sister, dead, frozen in a glacier. The Ostrich explained that her twin had been less fortunate in her adoption, having been foisted by a frog on the Spartans, who spurned her for having insufficient vim and so left her to die. It however transpires that the Ostrich fibbed about all this, and ACLR (the twin) was in fact killed by the Spartans because she was a violent insurrectionary. We are now learning all about the grisly and inspirational details of the revolution in which ACLR was involved prior to her death.